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Metro Brazil participation in Carnival Rio 2020

February 27, 2020

Metro Brazil participation in Carnival Rio 2020

Metro Brazil’s team participated the annual International event of "Carnival Rio", one of the largest and most famous international events held annually in Brazil, with hundreds of thousands of followers from Brazil and all over the world attend, and it’s considered one of the most attractive activities for tourists in Brazil throughout the year.

Carnival Rio 2020 is held annually between Friday afternoon, which precedes the "Ash Wednesday" and lasts until before Wednesday afternoon, corresponding to the start of the "Great Lent" in Christianity, which lasts until Easter.

Metro Brazil’s team has participated in festive festival activities, with cheerful music and folk dances with attendees in Sao Paulo, where Metro Brazil’s headquarters is located.

This participation comes as part of the continuous plans of Metro Brazil to participate in more social events and its humanitarian mission to build a cultural bridge linking Brazil and the Middle East, and cultures and peoples of the world in general.

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